The world’s finest ingredients, turned into the world’s finest soils + inputs

We offer a full range of 100% organic potting soils and nutrient inputs

Our products are fully organic and also packed full of the best organic ingredients, responsibly sourced from all over the world. Truly living organic soils and inputs, produced without using any GMO inputs of any kind.

Encouraging Bermudians to grow organically at home


What’s great with our soils, is they are 100% organic, packed full of the best ingredients, and come ready-to-use. The bag is specially designed for you to rip open the top and plant directly into the bag – No additional pots needed.

All of our soils are perfect for either indoor or outdoor growing and work great in Bermuda’s climate, allowing you to produce professional organics easily with precision every time.

We offer a full range of liquid + dry nutrients
to accompany your soil

Trying to figure out the perfect gardening regimen is a fine art, and your plants will tell you when you’re getting it right. We’ve minimized the gardener’s age-old process of trial and error, and have customized Liquid and Dry organic food sources for every step of your garden’s lifecycle.