About us

We offer 100% organic potting soils and nutrient additives, packed full of the world’s best ingredients:


Certified 100% Organic and GMO-Free

The MOST Organic Nutrients + The BEST Organic Nutrients

All soils are packaged in grow bags, that double as pots

Bermudian-owned and operated

We have products on-island and offer free delivery island-wide

and at a comparable price to what’s already here, plus ours is organic!

We’ve partnered with Aurora Innovations, a family owned and operated farm in Oregon. They are the leading North American producer of worm castings, perlite, and high quality responsibly sourced bat guano. Their product line is called Roots Organics, and they’ve spent the last 20 years dedicated to conscientiously growing organic – rooted in a love for soil and a commitment to giving back to the community. It’s a small business that’s proud of doing their part in the wider world, by facilitating the efficient production of foods and medicines that are free from harmful chemical residues and pesticides.   With a belief that organic should mean more than a commitment to just natural inputs, Aurora Innovations and has dedicated sustainable practices that respect ecosystems, reduce the carbon footprint, and create living-wage jobs for all employees. They also sponsor art and gardening programs for schools and non-profits.

Don’t you love it when everyone tries to do their part for the world around them?